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Thursday, 17 April 2014

I'm feeling 26.

 I have to say that my birthday is my favourite day of the year. Yes, I like to be the centre of attention, and go out and cause mayhem on the streets of Toronto, but I also really like to reflect on how far I've come, or at least how long a year is and how much actually goes on in 365 days.

Last year at this time I was about to start my last term of theatre school, totally mentally and physically exhausted and completely dumbfounded about the real world that was about to hit me. I had plans and I was sure that everything had to go according to them, OR ELSE. (Guess what... everything went OPPOSITE to plan. Oops!)

This has been the year where I've figured out how to go with the flow, or at least not get so stuck in my ways. This has been the year where I've realized how important my friendships are and how many amazing people stick by me no matter what is going on in my life.  This has been the year where I've actually started doing the things that are important to me (not trying to do them), and I feel like I'm finally starting to put myself (and my friends) first.

I've realized how far I am from actually being a grown up (one of my besties just got married, and boy, did it make me feel like a child), and how being a grown up is really NOT what I want right now; but that this middle "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman" phase that Britney so fondly sang about in Crossroads is actually the best time of my life so far. And I could not be more thankful for it.

So, happy birthday to me. But let's just celebrate how fanfreakingtastic this next year is going to be for all of us.

Mazel Tov!



Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Bikini Bikini Bikini so Teeny

There's probably nothing that I wear less than a swimsuit. In fact, I think last summer I didn't put on a swimsuit ONCE. Not a single time (I spent the ENTIRE summer in a dark theatre... yummy). This summer I am determined to spend some time at the beach with a Corona!

Obviously a new swimsuit is in order.

I'm totally into the "flounce tops" for this season. They're a little bit boho, a little more forgiving for us with the small boobies, and totally "easy" looking. That's what I'm all about these days; making things look 'easy', like I didn't even try to put together this totally bangin' outfit.

Also, am I the only one who HATES bikini bottoms that don't tie at the sides? Even these skinny minny models get a touch of the muffin top when they have the elasticized sides.

Which bathing suits are you into these days? Boho? Cute and flirty? Or sexy and colourful?



Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Taking Time Off, Loving Myself, Mumbo Jumbo

Blah blah blah I've been busy, blah blah blah I just finished Guys and Dolls. Blah blah blah it was busy and I'm temping at the same time, excuses excuses excuses.

via First Act Productions
PS Aren't I adorable? 
Anyway, what I've really come here to talk about today is LOVING MYSELF. And not necessarily in a body image or mental way, but in the way I would treat myself; with food, exercise, skincare, etc. (Although, let's be real, it's all related and I'll get there, I'll get there!).

SO I went through a period this last month where my skin went HAYWIRE. I mean, dry and hugely bumpy ALL OVER my forehead and cheeks. Only Rudolph's red nose was spared. It was horrendous. Makeup just made it look worse. I ditched all my chemical-y products (here's looking at you, Cetaphil), so I headed over to Lush and hooked myself up with the skincare that I used years ago when my skin was giving me problems. Never again will I stray! Slash, I'll post all about it ASAP.

I also got a crazy bout of eczema, and that was only cured by stopping the spray on moisturizers (damn petrol products have to be so EASY), and sticking to products with no parabens, sulfates, you get the drift.

Also, I was feeding myself CRAP. Mostly vegan crap, but crap nonetheless. I'm obsessed with So Delicious Coconut Ice cream. I honestly think the average person would find this better than regular full fat cow's milk ice cream. And while it is dairy free, chocolate makes me feel like shit in large doses, and unfortunately for me I don't know how to do small doses of chocolate (unless it's mixed with peanut butter...). I had to rethink how I was snacking (snackimals don't count as healthy) and add in a lot more fresh fruit and VEGETABLES.

One thing that has been plaguing me for months has been the idea to go vegan. I felt like it was the next step in living a healthy lifestyle.  I already don't eat any dairy (helloooo lactose intolerance) and there are plenty of days where I don't eat any meat, but the idea of becoming a vegan is really daunting to me. I live with my parents and they are carnivores ( who humour me when they eat red meat by making me a chicken breast), so being vegan would mean way less family meals and a heck of a lot more work. But that wasn't what was daunting; it was that sometimes I crave meat. If I don't have it I feel off balance. After watching this video with Mind Body Green collaborators, who all said if they crave meat they'd have it (although for most of them it was a big IF), I decided that having meat when I want it isn't bad. That being said I'm still working on a plant-based diet, with few refined carbs and foods that are GOOD FOR ME and make me feel energized.

As far as working out, I'd been injured for a good two months, battling an achilles issue that's plagued me since I was 11 (yup... 15 years...). I was rehearsing Guys and Dolls three times a week but was feeling lethargic and just meh. I started back with dance classes (just a couple times a week) AND joined the gym (my parents were concerned that the floor wouldn't hold all my jumping...), and am trying to keep up with my at home yoga practice. Now when I have a day to "chill", I feel like I have more options than just marathoning House of Cards or Sherlock.

Obviously my life hasn't changed completely, and all of these changes have been super gradual (over years and years!). I'm still stuck on my silicone-laden cosmetics (although I'm kind of intrigued by RMS Beauty) and non vegan lipsticks, but I'm trying to love myself and give myself the energy I need and not slow myself down with toxins and ickiness. This way I can keep at my passions; singing and dancing and acting and blogging and making yummy food and being a hilarious person in general.

Anyone have any tips or tricks that you use in your quest for a healthy lifestyle?

xo and sorry for the superbly long post.


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Everyday FOTD

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NC 15 / Beauty Blender/  NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly / Laura Mercier Setting Powder / Benefit Dandelion Boxed Powder / MAC Harmony Blush / L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara / Benefit Gimme Brow in Med-Dark 

I've been ALL about the natural-looking face lately. I am SO tired of cakey foundations that don't end up covering the redness on my nose (the only part of my face where I fee like I truly need foundation) and instead of using a tonne of foundation and a tonne of concealer, I've gotten it down to a couple of pumps of my trusty MAC Pro Longwear Concealer around my nose and cheeks, blending it out with my Beauty Blender, and then adding some NARS concealer under my eyes for a tiny highlight. Add some powder, blush, contour around the nose and in the cheeks, mascara, and THEN the best part: The Benefit Gimme Brow! 

I thought this wouldn't work on my already thick and bushy brows, but let me tell you, this is the quickest and easiest way to make your eyebrows look filled in without looking scouse-brow-y.

These are pretty much my current Holy Grail items (although, I'm always down for a new mascara).

What are you using these days?



Monday, 24 February 2014

News 'n Stuff

For fear of making this too long of a post, I'm going to do this in Science undergrad style bullet points (yes, I used to be able to write essay questions bullet point style for exams. I kid you not. Why teach a science student to write?)

  •  Yes I've been MIA. This has been due to a combination of 
    • hustlin'
    • being in a show in the evenings
    • temping during the day 
    • being stupidly sick
  • I got a boss new long bob hair cut
Photo Cred to David Leyes

  • I'm going to get back to my love of blogging as of today.
  • I'm also going to start actually working out without getting injured... 
  • Stay tuned for more beauty/fashion-related posts with at least some regularity. I promise this time. I really do. 


PS. Check out my friend Hannah's blog "Unapologetically Herself". She just did an amazing post with my friend Phoebe and they are just the coolest. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Olsens Do It Again

My obsession with the Olsen twins is well documented. And when I heard that the Olsen-headed brand Elizabeth and James was coming out with a fragrance I was SO excited, and then I just forgot about it.

Low and behold, I went into Sephora to pick up a primer (and then decided against it), and I found the perfect perfume.

I tested out both the Elizabeth and James Nirvana White and Nirvana Black and while I enjoyed both, the Black (a combo of violet, sandalwood, and musk) was just screaming my name. It makes me feel like a sophisticated young woman!

It reminds me so much of the old MAC MV 2 Perfume (the gold and black one) which was discontinued a few years ago (I definitely shed a tear for that one :( ) and I've been searching for something similar ever since. Voila! I've found it!

And can we just talk about the styling of the promo shots?

Image via
Image via
PERFECTION YET AGAIN. I'm STILL trying to perfect the Olsen smokey eye and messy hair which magically looks super professional even when you look like a bag lady.

You should definitely go test out these scents, available at Sephora. I'm sure that you'll enjoy at least one of them.



Monday, 3 February 2014

What is My Life?

I just can't explain how grateful I am to have had this experience, and to be in a commercial with these 9 wonderful people.

Life is something cray.


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