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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Serious Girl Crush Time...

Some of you may have seen my tweet yesterday about my recent new girl crush (I don't get boy crushes... I have a perfect boy. I just want to take pieces of all these beautiful and interesting ladies and melt them into one hilariously sartorial/awesome person.... aka me!), Bip Ling.

But Bip... who exactly are you?

Well, according to Bip's Blog, Bip is a DJ, model (with Storm), blogger (well... that's obvious), internet personality, artist, and all around London-based fashionista. Her style SCREAMS sparkles.  Crazy bows, sunglasses, and neon colours? I'm a F-A-N.

 In YSL. Photo via Vogue.co.uk 

The Bow! The Nails! Superb! 

  Rockin the Loubs and a serious Highland Dancer Bun at the Scottish Fashion Awards.
Image via dailylife.com

And like, being a DJ makes everyone way way cooler. Should I DJ? I think the only people who would enjoy my taste in music would be the gays. Bring on the Annie Lennox. Oh and ABBA. And Britney. And... you get my drift. 
Image via urbaneblog.com

She, along with watching too much "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" makes me lose my blonde envy.


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