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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Some Pretty Art To Start Off Your Weekend

Are you obsessed with TLC like I am?

Probably not. You probably have a life.

However, tonight, while watching a rerun of LA Ink, I saw Christina Perri (Jar of Hearts, anyone? SYTYCD last year...) get a tatty from Kat Von D of this painting by Audrey Kawasaki.
(My Dishonest Heart)

This not only reinstated my lust for a tattoo (I promise Mom, not yet), but made me browse through every painting on Audrey Kawasaki's website. And well, basically, I want my entire room COVERED in her paintings. 

 (This one is currently my desktop background)

I am completely obsessed with the pain I can see in all the faces (emo, 2002-2006, babies), but you can also see the essence of the performer (See the painting with the masks), which resonates with me deeply. 

Please take a look at her website and if you're feeling giving, gift me something?

Something about this makes me very inspired...


1 comment:

  1. Yes I too am obsessed with TLC ;-) I agree this artist is amazing...resonates with me deeply too. Thanks for your post <3

    -Tiffany Sharp, Vancouver, Canada


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