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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Song For the Weekend

I know. You've been waiting with baited breath.

This song is just fantastic in all its Swedish glory. Lykke Li's Love Out of Lust.

Goddamn I love those Scandinavians and all their stylishness.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Dress Up. Pink Hair. Why Not?

My university's official motto was "In the Spirit of 'Why Not'?". And it is with this spirit that I present to you my pink hair.

 Dress: Joe Fresh Off The Runway, Bracelet: Joe Fresh, Ring: Coach Belt: Gifted from Rome 

Obviously I couldn't dye my whole head pink... mostly because my hairdresser would eat me for spending hundreds of dollars on highlights then dying them... but I think this is actually super fun.

AND the fact that it matches the leopard print, purple, pink and sparkly scarf doesn't hurt.

Next time YOU have a dress up night, I suggest you dye your hair to match your accessories.

In the Spirit of Why Not?

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Some Pretty Art To Start Off Your Weekend

Are you obsessed with TLC like I am?

Probably not. You probably have a life.

However, tonight, while watching a rerun of LA Ink, I saw Christina Perri (Jar of Hearts, anyone? SYTYCD last year...) get a tatty from Kat Von D of this painting by Audrey Kawasaki.
(My Dishonest Heart)

This not only reinstated my lust for a tattoo (I promise Mom, not yet), but made me browse through every painting on Audrey Kawasaki's website. And well, basically, I want my entire room COVERED in her paintings. 

 (This one is currently my desktop background)

I am completely obsessed with the pain I can see in all the faces (emo, 2002-2006, babies), but you can also see the essence of the performer (See the painting with the masks), which resonates with me deeply. 

Please take a look at her website and if you're feeling giving, gift me something?

Something about this makes me very inspired...


Friday, 5 August 2011

Oh Look... I'm in an Ad.

NO I'm not joking...

My bff just e-mailed me this morning and asked "Is this you? I don't see any leopard print, but I'm pretty sure it's you".

And yes, some days, people, I can dress like a normal human being. LIKE when my friend Raquel Da Silva asks me to model for her because I love the camera so much, and she is soooo undeniably talented (VISIT HER WEBSITE AND HIRE HER... I would every day).

SO here are some of  the shots I did for T-Buds Tea Lounge in Uptown Toronto... (and if you click here you can get a really good deal on high tea... like 1/2 off... #starvingartistwin). It makes me laugh.

Don't I look like I'm having fun?

Sparkle on...

*Update* - Raquel and T-Buds have parted ways... but you should still check her out because the work she does is amaaaaazing. AND here's another picture she took that day. 

I <3 her. 


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Serious Girl Crush Time...

Some of you may have seen my tweet yesterday about my recent new girl crush (I don't get boy crushes... I have a perfect boy. I just want to take pieces of all these beautiful and interesting ladies and melt them into one hilariously sartorial/awesome person.... aka me!), Bip Ling.

But Bip... who exactly are you?

Well, according to Bip's Blog, Bip is a DJ, model (with Storm), blogger (well... that's obvious), internet personality, artist, and all around London-based fashionista. Her style SCREAMS sparkles.  Crazy bows, sunglasses, and neon colours? I'm a F-A-N.

 In YSL. Photo via Vogue.co.uk 

The Bow! The Nails! Superb! 

  Rockin the Loubs and a serious Highland Dancer Bun at the Scottish Fashion Awards.
Image via dailylife.com

And like, being a DJ makes everyone way way cooler. Should I DJ? I think the only people who would enjoy my taste in music would be the gays. Bring on the Annie Lennox. Oh and ABBA. And Britney. And... you get my drift. 
Image via urbaneblog.com

She, along with watching too much "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" makes me lose my blonde envy.


Monday, 1 August 2011

A Small But Sparkly Playlist to Celebrate Simcoe Day

You may not have known this, but today in Canada we are celebrating John Simcoe's existence... which is basically an excuse for most of us to drink too much of that 2-4, or 26er, or... well you get my drift.

For starving artists, however, it is an excuse to get to work, be sent home because it is not busy enough, and then have to be back 5 hours later. I will not go there. They write my paychecks. 

SO for you I have made a cute little 5 song playlist to inspire you, for you to admire, and to make your Monday (and FIRST day of the month) a little more awesome.

Stay Sparkly

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