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Friday, 18 November 2011

Let's Girl Crush. Shall We?

Oh Rachel Bilson.

How I have always loved you, even before I realized that you weren't actually Summer Roberts.

(Oh, remember how "hot" Adam Brody was....)

You have always had the best ombre hair.

This picture has been in my "Hair" folder for so long (which I bring to my hairdresser every time I see him), that I don't know where it belongs. My apologies to the paparazzi who took this photo. But SEE how perfectly it goes from brunette to blonde? 

And your ladylike fashions are incredibly endearing

 (Images via elle.com) 

And she's a multiplet-time NYLON cover girl which makes my heart pitter patter a little more.

And now I'm a little bit OBsessed with her new CW show (there's a surprise!) Hart of Dixie (and seeing as I have like, zero time to watch TV these days, that's saying something!). Rachel crushing is into full gear!

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