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Thursday, 19 April 2012

My Week In Instagram

As tomorrow I will be off to the Great White West (well, it' ain't so white right now... or at least I'm hoping... PLEASE DON'T SNOW ALBERTA!), I thought I might as well finish the week in Instagram NOW vs. LATER. So here it is poopers.

 The Arm Party I came up with (Look familiar... ahem, banner, ahem). Bracelets are a) homemade b) Medic Alert c) Betsy Johnson (I lost you. Sad panda) d) Joe Fresh Ring: Coach
 Outfitted entirely in The Shoe Room attire for Ballet Class on a Saturday Morning. Had to send this to @lostoronto 
 My friend sent me this for my birthday. She knows me too well. 
 A picture of a lamb taped onto a package for my sister sent by my Grandma. Still don't know what the hell is in the package. 
 I tried out DIY Nail Stickers like The Beauty Department with a nude mani. I'm enjoying the results. 
Kanpe David's Tea, Iced with a half squirt of Agave. So, so delicious. 

Hope you had a good week sparklers! xo

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